Bishop Services, Inc


The Often Forgotten”

To complete the package, Bishop Services maintains a fleet of more than 1000 portable toilets, and several vacuum trucks ranging from 800-gallon tankers to 5,000-gallon tankers to handle all of your sanitation needs. We are knowledgeable in the portable toilet / vacuum truck industry, as we have practiced In our day-to-day operation, for over 50 years while servicing the entire Columbia River Gorge, “operating under the name Bishop Sanitation, a division of The Bishop Companies.” 

Through the years we have supported Military Training Maneuvers, Special Events, Forest Fires & Natural Disasters supplying virtually hundreds of portable toilets and pumping and hauling of thousands of gallons of gray water & black water per single event. With Bishop Service's large fleet of equipment and qualified staff, we have the ability of supporting the sanitation needs of several events simultaneously.